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Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

❤L'oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Review❤

Hi! I'm back with a review on L'oreal Sublime Bronze One Day I just bought yesterday.

I got the Eco Brushes to try out since its cheap and heard it was good? Also the Nivea lip stick? Im not a big fan of Lip products, I don't use them, really. But lately my lips are flaking and dry.. I always think if I have lip stuff on.. I would taste it..

This is how it looks like.. a little shinny sparkles.
a little moved, it goes on watery and light

You can tell a big difference. Well, for my fair legs! lol~

I told my boyfriend that I went to the beach and got a tan, and he believed me! He was like.. 'who you went with huh?' LLOL. Then I ask him if he likes my tan, and he DON'T cause he like me being pale. Yeah, he likes me Pale than tan. He likes white skin >.>

Pro: pile them up the till the color you like.
looks real. (my bf actually believed me)

Cons: A bit hard for me to wash it off.. maybe that's because the tan builds up on my skin.
(good for you if you want tan.)

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♥Strawberry RAW grape juice! (homemade)♥

Recipe: adjust to your preference as some like it more sweet/less sweet
♥1 box of strawberries
♥2 cups of grapes

♥wash strawberries and grapes, rinse.
♥get your juicer ready and juice either one first
♥pour into a plastic container
♥juice the other half
♥take a different container and pour it to there
♥mix the two juices till your liking.

May juice additional fruits to make it more tasty! I recommend blueberries, black berries, raspberries. After all its about the fun of it and staying healthy!

that is it!! you can adjust any other fruits in there and make it suit your taste. The sourness of strawberries taste really good with the sweetness of grapes. It's really simple!

It is really healthy making juice myself at home, knowing that it is 100% natural juice with no added bad sugars or syrup. Because you know most of the time you dont eat as much fruits & veggies that you should. So juicing it makes it easier for me and drinking all the fruits i need. & its REALLY yummy!!

I recently started juicing last year. This juicer was about $140 (Breville Juice Fountain Plus) It is so much fun to search for recipe fruit drinks I like, and then buying it & juicing!!

I'll keep update when i make future juices/smoothes!

oh, & i never bought juices EVER in stores. I'm 100% juicerr!~

✖♥✖♥ BebeSally

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

one of the pictures we took from the shoot. I was a Doll & it was last min idea :)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pics my BF took of me while his stay in NY for 3 days (my bd week)

My Bf was suppose to come back on Monday which was my BD on Columbus Day, but he didn't make it because he needs to replace this waiter over there that didn't go back there yet!! OMG. That means his mom didn't let me come back on Monday..... I was so sad and disappointed. So then we said next week.. then he surprise me on Tuesday morning! Hahha. At least I see him in the morning with my BIG SMILE on :)!

I didn't know my boyfriend took this pic up so close! OMG. He always do this..

without me knowing....

converse as the main point :)

so we had some photo shoot going on..

I love this pic the most!

top; zara | vest; zara | shorts; nichii | stockings; AX I think.. | bracelet; topshop

from now on im going to label all my outfit pics or somewhat photoshoot like to 'lookbook'

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

outfit of the day

I will be going back to NY in 2 days so I need to get a Luggage to put my stuff in.. stop by TJ MAXX to get one. Here is a simple outfit I wore yesterday.

white cardi from tj maxx, cross body from forever21, ruffles tank top from tj maxx, shorts from Nichii, and heels from Jessica Simpson. I was trying them on.. I really like them alot but my ankle is still not fully heal. so I didn't bother buying it yet. I know I can find better ones when I get back to NY :)

pistachio muffin, me and my bf sitting outside of Hannafords eating breakfast

close up my bf took without me knowing..

I got Ellen Tracy's Croco Lux in PINK luggage!

matching bag and luggage! Lol

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