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Friday, August 6, 2010

outfit of the day and some nice sliver hauls & Cat Vintage Rose Mini Swarovski Pendant

Straw purse got it for 13$ at TJ MAXX. White Cardigan with laces in the back, shorts from forever21, peep toe wedges.

the pin bow on my cardigan was from a flea market in Middlebury $2

my bf annoyed me lol

this time i did my eyebrows with eyebrow powder from Anastasia brow powder duo, dior 5 colour eyeshadow in earth reflection, mascara Lash Injection Pinpoint - Hot Chocolate
Cat Vintage Rose Mini Swarovski Pendant 

so pretty and happy :) my bf always use to say im his little kitty meow meow haha, he still do ^^

on the original website is on sale for $54 but got it for $40 in TJ MAXX! click here

this is what i found in RiteAid, $3 for a 14.99 value!

they have different packages but i picked this one

sliver heart bracelet I bought myself from TJ aswell, really shiny crystal!

got it for $25 but i think is worth it

sliver paris pendant with sliver necklace

got this for $15, love it lots.

wearing the cat pendant my bf got me :)

he said the cat is just like me<3 br="">

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Saving Capulet Saturday, August 07, 2010 9:13:00 AM  

oh wow i love that cute necklace!! and you look so pretty!


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